Retirement Boarding

Stony Brook Farm offers both stall and field board for equine retirement at a separtate facility located across the street from our public facility. Amenities include an insulated eight stall barn that retains a warm temperature during winter months and always has a cool breeze during summer months. Stalls are 12' x 12', deeply bedded and have heated, automatic water fountains. Two spacious turn out fields offer lush pasture, fresh water that is heated in the winter, and 12' X 24" run ins which are cleaned regularly.

Your retiree will be cared for as one of our own. Blanket changes, fly spray/ sunscreen (provided by owner), a feeding program catered to your horse's needs, and management of farrier and veterinarian appointments are just a few items included in your board. Additionally, Stony Brook can provide grooming and bathing and any extra attention necessary as specified by the owner.

Your senior horse will enjoy a quiet and peaceful retirement with all the spoils they deserve and you will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your best equine companion is comfortable and well cared for.

Contact us for availability or with any further questions.